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1 write on the top or outside; "superscribe one's name and address"
2 write on the outside or upper part of; "superscribe an envelope"

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  1. to write on the exterior of, the surface of, or above.
    He superscribed each character with its Latin-alphabet equivalent.
  2. to write (something) on the exterior of an object, such as a document or an envelope.
    His wife superscribed her own notes on each of his letters before sending them in packets to the editor.
  3. to address an envelope

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address, copy, copy out, direct, draft, draw up, edit, enface, engross, inscribe, make a recension, make out, pen, pencil, push the pen, put in writing, recense, record, revise, rewrite, scribe, scrive, scroll, spill ink, spoil paper, trace, transcribe, type, write, write down, write out
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